Air Conditioning And Its Requirement

The General Concept of Air Conditioning

Most people have a vague idea on how air conditioners work. There is just a gush of cold air into the room? The process is actually pretty simple: Warm air from a room is being sucked in and cycled back out as cold air. As long as the required temperature does not set in this procedure goes on. In its most basic sense, an Air Conditioner is a Refrigerator without the insulated box.

An AC has a fan that pushes cool air into a room you want to cool, while a refrigerator will just cool the interior of its insulated container. One of the major diversities that exist between the two are that the refrigeration is meant only to cool and the air conditioning performs a lot of activities like humidity, purity, odor, circulation and temperature etc.

It is a good thing that Air Conditioners can even clean up the air in the room. The units that are indoor assist in the cleaning of filter dust, pollen, mold spores and other allergens etc. Due to the dehumidification action of the air conditioners they help in the absorption of excessive water in the air to cool the unit.

New World Methods of Air Conditioning

As of late, huge corporations have opted on utilizing an all new method of Air Conditioning – by simply using the power of ice.

How is this undertaken? Massive ice blocks of ice are made during the night, when lower power usage means energy is cheaper and lower temperatures mean less power is required to freeze water. The complete area gets cool air from the blow of the fan when the ice melts.

In essence, this ice system acts like a mega-efficient rechargeable battery, storing energy that’s gathered cheaply and releasing it for a pre-determined period of time.

Air Conditioning and the Environment

A basic law of physics called the conservation of energy says you can’t make or destroy energy: if you have some energy you don’t want, you can’t get rid of it completely. One has to just change its appearance or shift to another location. In fact as nobody can control the flow of air an Air conditioner is necessary.

Heating and air conditioning technology has improved dramatically in recent years, both minimizing the industry’s environmental impact and energy costs.

Older air conditioning units omit several hundreds of pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and use more energy, especially during the warm season. Apart from saving money your air conditioner replacement will also help you protect the environment.

There has to be a correct decision with regards to the size requirement of ones air conditioner unit for a specific room. Remember that choosing the proper size of air conditioners for a specific area will allow the conservation of energy.

You should watch out for the air conditioner that come with a recirculation option. As a result of this characteristic that the cool air keeps revolving in the entire room.

Try to get hold of the ones with Energy Star approval stamp. It is compulsory for them to display the energy star rating as per the regulation of the Environmental Protection Agency that desires a 10 percent efficiency level.

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