The 4 Major Functions of Fat

Fat is the Rodney Dangerfield of nutrients: It doesn’t get any respect. The next time you are in a store just notice the amount of products you see with the labels low-fat or no-fat. It is enough to make you think that you need to avoid it all together.

The truth is that fat is just as vital to your body as any other nutrient and so avoiding it is not only inadvisable, but is detrimental to your health as well. So to better understand the importance of fat, the following lists its 4 major functions.

Energy Reserve
Fat provides a ready energy source and in a well-nourished individual, it provides as much as 80% to 90% of your body’s energy requirements. This is also important in preventing muscle loss while losing weight. And because each gram of fat has 9 Calories, it supplies more than twice the energy of carbohydrates and proteins.

Protect Vital Organs and Thermal Insulation
Vital organs such as your heart, lungs, liver, brain and kidneys need fat to protect them against trauma. In addition to this protection, fat just below your skin enables you to tolerate exposure to the cold.

Transport Medium for Fat-Soluble Vitamins
In addition to the three major or macronutrients, your body also needs micronutrients or vitamins. Vitamins A, D, E, and K are essential to your health and the means by which they are carried and transported are by fat, which is why they are sometimes referred to as the fat-soluble vitamins. So if you reduce your vitamin intake too much, this could lead to vitamin deficiencies.

Hunger Suppressor
If you ever experienced hunger pangs soon after eating what you consider a large meal, it is probably because you didn’t have enough fat content. In addition to its nutritional elements, it also contributes to the satiety of the meal. In fact fats may take up to 3.5 hours to empty from your stomach, which may explain the initial success of some high-fat diets.

So the next time you hear someone start decrying the evils of fat, remind yourself that it plays a very important role in maintaining your health. And when you ensure that it is a part of your diet, those hunger pangs that you feel on low-fat or no-fat diets will be a thing of the past.

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Amplified Hearing

Hearing amplifiers can be used to prevent hearing loss. A person who is hard of hearing can use the amplifiers. Hearing is important as a sense organ and anyone who cannot hear will feel lost and socially isolated.

The hearing impairment causes a person to suffer from various disadvantages in the society. The person affected with hearing impairment needs to make sure that the problem is rectified as early as possible. Hearing loss can be corrected by using the hearing amplifier. There are various kinds of hearing amplifiers that can be used. The best ones are those that are small in sie. These hearing amplifiers should be able to enhance the sound.

Personal hearing amplifier is a device that will help the person to hear all the sounds that occurs in the surroundings. A stealth amplifier is much better than a personal amplifier as it has more advantages. There are various reasons for people to use such amplifiers. The main reason is that the person with the hearing impairment will be able to hear well. The device can be fixed over the ear and then used. There are no wires attached to the device and this makes it very simple to use. The people who use these devices find them to be cosmetically acceptable. The bluetooth devices and the hearing amplifiers are very similar to look.

There are many advantages of using the hearing amplifier. The first advantage is that the device is very small and simple to use. The rechargeable battery in the hearing amplifier can provide extended life. Just charging the batteries once will help them to work for 10 hours or more. Even small sounds are heard by the person using the hearing amplifier. The amplifier enhances the sound to about 50 times. There are a few disadvantages of using the hearing amplifier. The cost of the amplifier is quite high and this is the most important one. The huge cost of the hearing amplifier is because of the availability of many features present in it. Hearing amplifiers are a great boon to the people who are suffering from partial or complete hearing loss. These amplifiers help the person with hearing loss to overcome the disability and lead a normal life.

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When Solar Makes Sense

Going green is the best thing we all could do to help our planet maintain its natural resources. But, I have to ask myself, when does it make sense to go solar and when does it make sense to do the simple, but important things to save energy? This may be a difficult question to answer. Due to the fact that the answer is not the same for everyone, it needs to be considered on an individual or household basis even though we are experiencing higher electric bills throughout the states. That means I have to take the responsibility to research and discover what does make sense.

I did find out that, yes, a solar system on my home will lower my electric bill. However, there is a cost factor to fund the solar system, which might be high.

I started to compare costs where I live in California. The cost per kilowatt hour for a solar system over its life can be as low as $ 0.11 per kilowatt hour.  Plus, my state has government incentives that help pay for the initial costs to install a system, which I need to research a little further.

But still, I feel it is important to think and live in futures to save money and the planet. I am willing to save money over the life of the solar system because, I feel, in order to be green you need to think in futures – not live just for today.

So, I did the math. My electric rates are as high as $ 0.21 per kilowatt hour. So, for the life of the system I would be paying the power company more than $ 0.11 per kilowatt hour. For my family, a solar system makes sense because the system will pay for itself in five years, five years goes by fast. 

Now, I don’t think just installing a solar system is a save all.  At my home we are doing some simple things to cut down on the amount of power that we use. We use energy efficient light bulbs, energy efficient appliances and so forth.

Cooler Planet is a leading solar resource for connecting consumers and commercial entities with local solar Installers. Cooler Planet’s solar energy resource page contains articles and tools such as our solar calculator to help with your solar project.

All About Noses

A nose job, medically known as rhinoplasty, is a procedure which involves surgically altering the nose for cosmetic or reconstructive purposes. Most people elect rhinoplasty for cosmetic purposes. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons states that in 2007, around two thirds of the total number of people who went under the knife for plastic surgery did so to alter their physical appearance.

However, as is indicated by the remaining one-thirds of the total, plastic surgery is also about other things, mainly, reconstruction. This applies to people born with birth defects or those who might have met with accidents that might cause unwelcome change in their physical appearance.

Before electing to have nose surgery, one must get ones hands on adequate information regarding the risks, benefits, and potentially life-altering consequences of surgically altering ones nose. These also include the cost of the procedure, the credibility of the surgeon, the health risks involved, the healing time, and the post-operative effects, including the effect on ones social life during and after the procedure, and so on. One must understand that this procedure is very delicate and requires accuracy and precision on the part of the surgeon, and caution on the part of the patient. To some, rhinoplasty might be too pricey, but the benefits certainly outweigh the costs.

Rhinoplasty surgeons in Los Angeles are some of the best rhinoplasty surgeons around. After all, Hollywood requires that that be so. Los Angeles rhinoplasty surgeons are credible and skilled. Most of their clinics feature state of the art facilities and medical equipment. Nevertheless, it is best to do research before electing to have rhinoplasty.

When done well, the benefits of having a nose job are many. For instance, it is reasonable to expect an improvement in ones social life with an improvement in ones physical appearance because the more attractive a person is, the more people are drawn to him/her. This is one of the psychic benefits for rhinoplasty surgeons in Los Angeles of the profession.

In this Age of the Metrosexual, men are increasingly becoming more conscious of their looks. Hence, an increasing number of men are electing rhinoplasty, as well. Few, if any, rhinoplasty surgeons in Los Angeles would argue that women have the monopoly on looking good, or at least, the desire to look good.

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Christmas Trivia 2010

Just about everyone in the world knows that jolly toy-bearing Christmas figure from the North Pole, but how much do we really know about him?
Here are a few quick trivia questions about our beloved Santa.

Q: Where does the name Santa Claus come from?

A: The name Santa Claus was derived from Sinterklaas, the Dutch term for the ancient Christian figure of Saint Nicholas who was famous for his generosity to the poor (more about him later). The Dutch immigrants to America imported their gift-giving saint to New Amsterdam where he merged with his British counterpart, Father Christmas, to become America’s own Santa Claus.

Q: everyone knows that Santa lives in the North Pole, but where is the real St. Nicholas from?

A: St. Nicholas who many consider to be the inspiration for modern Santa Claus was born in Patara around 275AD. Patara is located in present day Turkey, on the Southern Mediterranean coast in what is today an international tourist resort area where visitors spend hours basking in the warm Mediterranean sun. Certainly not a place you would want to be wearing fur coats in.

Q: If you really wanted to find St. Nicholas today, where would you go looking?

A: You may enjoy a trip to the North Pole, but if you really want to honor St. Nicholas, you would do better by heading towards Italy, where the remains of St. Nicholas are stored in the basilica of St. Nicola in the city of Bari. They have been there since the 11 century when they were, uh. borrowed. from their previous resting place in Myra in present day Turkey.

Q: Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer and his companions take Santa on his rounds completely airborne. How is it that reindeer can fly?

A: Many people believe that the tale of flying reindeers (as well as other parts of the Santa story), originates from Lapland in modern day Finland. Some say that in Lapland reindeer had a habit of seeking out the hallucinogenic amanita mushrooms which they ate and then would prance around while under their influence. As these mushrooms are quite toxic, it was regular practice for local shamans to drink the urine of tripping reindeer for a “safe high” and then “fly” together with them. This could also explain the general cheerful disposition (with the “ho ho ho” and all), and the flushed red cheeks of today’s Santa.

Q: Where did Santa get his unique outfit?

A: While it’s no secret that the marketing people of Coca Cola have a lot to do with the modern image of Santa, some say the roots go way back. The same North European Shamans that liked to consume those red and white mushrooms with their reindeers used to wear quite a similar outfit when they went out to collect their pickings – red and white fur trimmed coats with long black boots. As implied above, it’s quite certain that St. Nicholas was no inspiration for this outfit, as he lived in sunny south Turkey.

Q: Who was the first to create Santa’s modern image?

A: Coca Cola still uses the iconic images of Santa which were hugely successful in the 30s, and created for it by the gifted artist Haddon Sundblom, an American of Swedish origin (does Northern Europe ring any bells here?). However the modern image of Santa was only finally standardized in his works, but had actually been developing for years before. Coca Cola wasn’t even the first beverage company to make commercial use of every child’s jolly toy bearing hero – a company called White Rock beverages used him to sell ginger ale and mineral water as early as 1915. However earlier versions wore a wide variety of colors. Coca Cola’s Santa is the one the finally set the record straight, and since then Santa has been wearing nothing but Red and White.

Brought to you by Hot Toys for Christmas 2010.

Intelligence Demystified – The Difference Between Innate And Artificial Intelligent Systems

In most simplistic of terms, intelligence is the ability to make logical connections between representations. A classic intelligence test, such as Cattell, which doesn’t measure the memory systems, i.e. how precise the re-constructed memories are, measures just how well the person who takes the tests is able to make logical connections between images, what logic is behind the mysteriously exceeding numbers or alphabets, and if the person is able to find the correct logical connections in relations with the different given 33 representations, he/she will find himself as having an intelligence of 174. Thus, if you can find the logical connector between the given representations in Cattell’s test, you are a genius. The Cattell also promises that the logical performances of the innate neurological systems are what are to be measured, and that the intelligence test does not require pre-knowledge of any artificial human made logic, such as trigonometry, or calculus, although containing numbers and alphabets.

The artificial logic of simple mathematics as for example calculating 2+2=4 is what the Finnish education system truly taught me when I was in my first grade, instead of only making me memorize numbers, and symbols. After learning to use the artificial logic to connect representations in this manner, I had been passed an artificial logical system to make mathematical logical connections between representations and when I now perceive a + symbol between numbers, in case of as easy equations as 2+2, my sub-conscious brain functions automatically equate them to my consciousness in their complete logical result, 4, thus manifesting intelligence.

Because sub-conscious brain functions, micro-level neurocomputation, dynamics of the sub-consciousness, or sub-consciousness, make your favorite pick, deals with information in the level of units, that are divided into information spatial hierarchy of micro-level entities producing the macro-level entity, and these combined macro-level entities to produce even higher macro-level entities, such as is for example the case in the visual system when environmental data goes through its content generative cycle from V1 (neurons that receive retinal information, mapping the environment) to V5 (visual motion); the macro-level entities we perceive as our environment are produced through the logical connections made by the sub-consciousness. But when one closely examines what the consciousness contains, he/she will find that the macro-level entities come from different neurological cognitive logical systems in parallel to our conscious mind. The sounds have been translated from the environment for example to meaningful sentences, producing thereafter representations that are in parallel with the sounds. At the same time, one perceives the environment as a virtual replication, containing already recognized shapes and objects, colors, their different spatial co-ordinates in relativity with each other, etc. The same parallel information contains also the body orientation, smells, tastes, emotions, and so on, that are all a part of the same macro-level representation we experience as the contents of our consciousness as the self-awareness receiving these parallel descriptive levels of the environment. And as each of the phenomena in the environment that has been translated into a virtual form need micro-level units of information to receive their recognizable form, they must already exist in the brains as neurons. And this now brings the difference between the innate information and innate information systems, and the learned semantic content of it. The human genome is the basis for the formation of the innate information, and the innate information systems, that as natural connectors create the logical connections between representations whether this concerns micro-level units or the macro-level representation produced of them in relativity with the innate logic. And it is self-evident that the from the in relativity with genome constructed brains are designed to cope with the environmental conditions on Earth, when we for example examine the retina, snake detection (Tooby, et. al. 2005), coalition detection (Kurzban, 2001), autonomic nervous system, ect.

We are taught the logic connecting representations with the language, and the language can be considered as a meme. That is, language is a logic, and the laws of the semantics define what are logical connections between representations and what are not. We also use the logic of the learned language to the reconstruction of the representations from the consciousness of another agent in the environment, and the other way around. The other memes involving language are words, but although they might seem objective in their definitive levels, they are not. Every definition given to a word is what the individuals own sub-conscious brain functions have constructed to them, although the originating source is an agent in the environment. The brains are constructive, and memories are re-constructions of the past.

Henry M. Piironen was born in 1982 in Jyvaskyla, Finland, and has studied complex adaptive systems, systems theory, information theory, memetics, cosmology, the human brain neuroanatomy, theories of consciousness, self-organization, co-adaptation, emergence and religions. He experienced scientific enlightenment in 2007, leading to the creation of the model of information reality, which is addressed in his first book, “The Art of Perception: An Introduction to Information Reality” (2008). His current studies are on the information-driven continuums of superorganisms and how information extends the mind. For more discoveries of the information driven world, visit his official website at:

Uses for Human Growth Hormone

The pituitary gland naturally produces a hormone called the human growth hormone, which is responsible for several different areas of growth throughout childhood.  Because HGH is produced naturally in the body, individuals are much less likely to experience a negative reaction when HGH or even synthetic HGH is introduced to the body from outside sources.  In fact, HGH has been used in children with delayed growth or developmental problems to boost development for over forty years.

Physicians began seeking out possible adult uses for HGH and discovered many benefits.  Primarily, HGH has been successfully used in weight loss regimens with some significant success.  Studies show that more than eighty percent of the test subjects reported increased toned muscle mass and undeniable weight loss results.  And weight loss is not the only practical application that HGH can have for adults.  Patients are seeking human growth hormone treatment for the fight against facial wrinkles and hair loss.  The effects are so powerful that many have reported improvements in long-term and short-term memory, as well as increases in brain function.  Those that use human growth hormone can also experience better sleep and an increase in their sexual appetite.

HGH is not meant to stop or reverse aging, but they do help to boost the creation of your own human growth hormone.  More than fifty percent of patients that have sought treatment show results, which is an undeniable result.  Of that fifty percent, seventy-five percent claimed even more improvements.  These results are fairly evenly distributed between males and females, but the numbers do show that males seem to enjoy more success with the human growth hormone.

Before beginning HGH or any other medical treatments, you should certainly consult your physician.  It is best to consult your family doctor and ask for referrals to specialists or clinics that provide the human growth hormone treatments.  Side effects are generally mild, and many patients claim that they have never experienced negative reactions.  HGH is naturally produced in the body, so introduction of more will not usually cause a disturbance.  As with most things, too much can be a bad thing.  If you abuse HGH or try to use it without a doctor’s supervision, then problems can arise.  Remember, too, that HGH has been labeled a doping drug among athletes, so you should keep the possible tests in mind if you decide to use human growth hormone treatments. is a unique medical practice that focuses on the enhancement of health. For more information on human growth hormone and HGH therapy, visit

Prolab Lean Mass Complex Nutrition Review

What’s said to be the next best thing or close to it, Prolab Lean Mass Complex Nutrition is claimed to work wonders to help people get ripped and lean. In some cases, statements made about protein products like these may be true, but then often times they can be misleading. Find out wither or not Lean Mass Complex is really what it claims to be by continuing reading.

So first off here’s the basic supplemental value of what this product provides per serving:

Calories 390g
Total Fat 8g
Total Carbohydrates 40g
Sugar 5g
Protein 40g

By checking out this brief list above, you can see that the calorie amount is not low nor too high, thus making it an okay amount. The fat and sugar per serving is also not high so that is a plus because it can promote more lean mass.

But Lean Mass Complex Nutrition has a whopping 40 grams of carbohydrates per serving. Now this may seem bad at first, but the carbohydrates in this supplement is said to be derived from and or made mostly of complex carbs AKA the good carbs.

And the protein in Lean Mass is of good quality, for the protein is from whey concentrate, micellar casein, calcium caseinate, and whey isolate.

Also, there were some other reviews on this product. Before we get into that, you would want to be aware that supplements like Lean Mass Complex Nutrition are designed to only help you get the results you desire. No matter what a protein product may claim how easy it can be to get ripped fast and lean with the use of their product, there is no guarantee.

Here’s what some other reviews said about this product:

The Matrix Component System Protein takes advantage of the most current scientific information regarding slow and fast acting proteins for maximizing whole body protein retention. These specific proteins have been shown in recent scientific studies to increase protein synthesis over 60% and increase protein utilization over 30 % for maximum body-changing benefits.

Hmm, I guess this product seems to be legitimate since it provides a pretty well structure of nutrients to help increase lean mass development.


Visit some of the links within the article to learn more beneficial info.


Sensual Nutrition – Body Freedom

Your body is a remarkable gift from the Creator, a vehicle through which the spiritual can experience the material; that is what a body is for. As spirit in physical form, you can celebrate and explore the sensory joys of this gift. Come to your senses—all of them. Absorb right here, right now what you see, hear, smell, taste, and touch. Direct sensory stimulation is nourishment for your body, sensual nutrition, another kind of food without which it cannot thrive and be free. The freedom of the senses is the freedom to experience pleasure and feel desire, to know you are truly alive.

Body Freedom enables you to behold and be warmed by the brightest light of all, the consuming light of love shining from your sweetheart’s eyes. It allows you to revel in the husky whispers and throaty moans that are music to a lover’s ears. To freely devour succulent kisses from pouty lips tasting of fruit and honey. To sniff hungrily and absorb the distinctive scent that is uniquely your beloved’s. To touch and touch and touch with fingers, palms, lips, and tongues, then to lie at ease in each other’s arms, safe, secure, sympathetic, blessed….

Sadly, you might not perceive your body as a biological marvel, a sensory gateway, the temple of your soul. Like many, you might have forgotten your Body Freedom, been indoctrinated to view your body as ugly and sinful, a prison that will never be beautiful enough or strong enough, will never measure up no matter what you do, that constantly betrays you with its shameful desires and ultimately keeps you separate and lonely. All bodies are naturally beautiful because they are the earthly home of your eternal soul, but this is not likely the message you most often hear. Your body perception is under attack on multiple fronts. For instance, many religious teachings perpetuate negative body images, either decrying the body as unclean and shameful or dismissing it as a distraction from higher purposes. If you want spiritual purity, you are exhorted to ignore your body’s wants and wishes.

From a commercial perspective no body is ever quite beautiful enough. You are bulldozed into seeing your physical self as an ongoing renovation project. From skin tone to hair color, from breast and penis size to length of leg and girth of waist, from laugh-lines to crow’s feet, there’s always room for improvement. Under continued social pressure you might come to see your body through tainted eyes, developing an emotionally and physically damaging dissatisfaction with your natural form. You might give yourself and others self-sabotaging messages that continue to erode your Body Freedom.

Desire for the “perfect” body might lead you into life-threatening eating disorders as it has about seven million women and one million men in the United States. Or it might entice you into the cosmetic surgeon’s office for procedures ranging from botox injections to chemical peels, from liposuction to breast augmentation, from hair transplants to facelifts. Cosmetic procedures are multiplying by leaps and bounds. In 2004 alone, American cosmetic surgeons performed more than 11.9 million procedures, up 44 percent from 2003 and a whopping 465 percent increase from 1997. Perhaps you might even be tempted to join the ranks of the thousands in both the United States and Britain who apply to be a contestant on reality shows such as “The Extreme Makeover” or “The Swan.” These very popular television series (almost 11 million people watched the 2004 season finale of “The Swan”) feature the ultimate in body redesign, employing teams of specialists—plastic surgeons, eye surgeons, cosmetic dentists, hair and makeup artists, stylists, and personal trainers—to radically alter the participants’ appearance. The premise, as outlined on ABC’s website, is to give participants “a truly Cinderella-like experience by changing your looks completely in an effort to transform you life and destiny, and to make your dreams come true.”

People try to make their bodies beautiful so that others will love them, admire them, reward them, and accept them. It would be better to learn simply to love your body and so to become free and loveable in it. However, it’s often easier to blame your equipment and try to make it conform to someone else’s ideal than to learn about it, to listen to it, and to honor it for yourself.


Al Link and Pala Copeland own and operate 4 Freedoms Relationship Tantra. They regularly host lover’s romantic weekends near Ottawa Canada, and weeklong retreats in exotic locations. For more info Visit and their blog or send email:

Moncler Sense

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Of course, the Internet does have cheap and good things but after all very few. May say that there is no conflict for the fake or knowingly false and bought it may be no problem. However, for those who want to buy a genuine but it is fake so that their may feel ont good.Moncler jacket is a brand will be in style Moncler Coats is one of the most common clothes, can easily, plus a simple vest. This makes much fashionable man deeply like moncler jackets. The simple style of dress, but not easy! Moncler male with normal jeans jacket morbid personality to see!A woman can make your fashion and Moncler jacket is a kind of clothes, never outdated.All of these can rely on a jacket moncler jacket moncler vest some of the most fashionable, lovely jacket, the most suitable for the existing fashion trend. Rest assured that Moncler Outlet will change the diversification of your personality.

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