Getting Tested For Hearing Loss

Studies show that three million children in the US alone have some form of hearing problems. With these statistics it is hard to really pinpoint who these kids are. Many times there is no one to confirm if indeed Johnny Jones or Mary Smith will require special attention.

For the American Hearing Society how they arrived at the current statistic of three million was by getting the total number of children that were tested in so areas and then applying it to the total number of school children in the country. So if those kids live in states that do not obligate doctors to check them for hearing problems then their hearing problems may go untreated.

If you only knew the many teenagers who do their best to live a normal life because they are not conscious about the hearing problem they really have, you will be surprised. These kids are taunted most of the time and are called names like stupid.

Not only are these kids afraid to tell others about what they are feeling but also because they assume they are normal. There was is one child, a boy, who was just sensitive about the idea of having a hearing problem. This kid is now silent most of the time due to a fever he suffered from when he was three.

It is for this reason that his boy was unable to listen to what his parents wanted from him. Being that he was not obedient his father would spank him. As his mother would say he is not bad just absent minded.

At times shouting was the only way to get this boy to do something. When the boy heard her she went and did what he was told. All that was needed to be done was to stress out what you wanted from him so he will do it.

The boy mostly kept to himself not playing with other kids. With his brain he was able to do passing work in his class. There was no law that said children needed to be tested for hearing problems in the state the boy lived in.

In the school that the boy was part of they administer some audiometer tests and at this time the boy was about 9.

It was then seen that due to the infection from the fever he had he was hearing problems. Everything is clearer to him now with a hearing aid. It is also promising to note that he can gain back some hearing with medical help.

Some cases will always have a sad ending. Even if there is a state law requiring testing and even if it is properly enforced, treatment does not automatically follow. Currently someone from the New York League for the Hard of Hearing said that the problem indeed lies in the treatments.

The process is simple since al you need to go is getting the test and have a card on file. Yet the root of the problem is in the follow up method. With this it might be too late to reverse the problem. With a problem like this it is the mother that can sense it better. In addition mothers must sense it before school will come.

The only way that is most effective is to talk to the child from another room and judge their reaction. Nevertheless this is a duty that is hard for them to accomplish. Many home tests are simple to use which will help a mother regularly check the hearing of their child.

A good set of ears on a baby will allow them to show signs of recognizing many different sounds. Children who show reaction only after seeing you is one way of telling that they may have a hearing problem.

Some danger signals will include discharges or odors from your child’s ear, or deformities or swellings in or about the external ear canal. Being in a different room but still being able to do what you tell them to do is one good sign of proper hearing.

If a child is talking normally then they can hear well too. Accordingly one can talk because one can hear what other is saying.

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