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On the internet there will be so so many people trying to help you learn how to build a list. Where do you start and what do you offer online to customers. This is a very important part of understanding how to make money online. You need a list of people to get started in selling or offering your service to. There is no need to have a pretty website and not a customer to offer it to. Therefore if no one sees it, then all you have is a pretty little website somewhere out there in cyberspace.

I remember this all so well by being a newbie and still in some respects a newbie now, because the internet marketing field is forever changing and you must keep up with the change in the industry in order to know how make a living as an internet marketer today. We all understand yes there is a lot of hype out there, but there are a lot of people out there really making money in internet marketing as well.

I have concluded that these people have a list of people whom they sell too and also have a relationship with as well. They have the relationship with their customers in order to continue the trust that has been built between the two. So its not all about selling and making money, but can you be accountable and trustworthy of giving away something of value to your customers.

People like to feel as though they are dealing with a trustworthy person, who sees them as something besides a dollar sign. A good marketer needs to convey this strongly to his customer and in building that list of people, have a good solid relationship built as well.

1. Bring something of value to the customer, that you yourself would want to have.

2. Do not promise your customer things you can not deliver, be honest and forth coming.

3. Have accountability and get back in touch with your customer on a timely bases.

4. Learn to understand just what your customer needs from you once they sign up to your website.

5. Build a honest relationship with your customers.

These are some of the ways people who are marketing for a list of customers should be ready to offer themselves once a customer decides to be on their list and work with them in the business opportunity. Once someone agrees to be on your list, treat them with the greatest respect as your number one customer. Building a list becomes easier, when you decided you will offer people what you yourself want to be offered, which consist of true workmanship and honesty in offering them something of value.

Something of Value— can be a free giveaway or create them a free website. You could offer them free hosting for that site and step by step instructional videos to get started quickly. Show them proof of your success online, then show them how they can do the same things you did to make money online.

Giving away a free ebook is good, especially if its full with a wealth of knowledge on how to get started making an income online from home. The focus here is to not only build a list but a relationship with your customers as well…

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