The Functions of Fireplace Screens

We often see in the movies the main actor and actress lying in front of an open fireplace sipping champagne without any screens. That is absolutely unrealistic! Without them, the carpet, furniture and the room itself is at risk.

Fireplace covers have a dual purpose of protecting and safeguarding your room from sparks that might fly due to the wind that enters your chimney. And not only that, your kids as well as your cats and dogs are also safe from harm.

They are also used for decorative purposes as it makes your fireplace appear larger and attractive. They enhance the total appearance of your room. Price ranges from several hundred dollars to two thousand six hundred dollars.

They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so you can find one that fits your fireplace and your room perfectly. Here the most common styles:

Metal – wrought iron, copper, brass and steel, and are the most popular metals. Most have mesh screens with designs from contemporary to ornate artwork. However, when exposed to fire, metals reach high temperatures so be careful when touching them.
Stained Glass – they come in brass or metal frames. They are the most artistic and pleasing to the eyes because they are quite similar to Tiffany style lamps. However, most stained glass screens can not withstand the heat of a fire, so if you prefer this style of screen, choose the best quality you can find and be prepared to spend more.
Glass – comes in frosted, clear glass or glass with etched design. They usually have metal frames. If your pleasure is seeing the fire while it burns, then this style is the best for you.

Tips on measuring Fireplace Screens

Your fire screen should not be too small or too large.
Measure the height and width of the hearth and the fireplace opening. Too short or narrow screen may allow ash or sparks to escape from the fireplace. A screen that is too tall and wide may block the view of the fireplace.
When choosing a hinged screen with a single center panel, make sure that the center panel should be the same width as the fireplace opening.

A fireplace screen can enhance any room but choose only the best quality products that offer a lifetime warranty. Aesthetics and safety should be your primary consideration

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