Nutrition Is Essential – Maybe It’s Time for a Nutrition Audit – Are You Really Eating Nutritiously?

As of late, the food triangle is changing, and nutrition and health experts are modifying exactly what they believe we need in our daily diet to live a healthy life. Therefore, if you are going by the old food pyramid taught in school in the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s you might not be eating as nutritiously as you should. Thus, it would make sense that you do a nutrition Audit. This may not be as difficult as it sounds.

You see, you will need a certain amount of proteins, calories, carbohydrates, fatty acids, amino acids, and vitamins. But do you know which ones, and how much of each? And mind you, it does matter what age you are, what sex you are, how much strenuous and physical exercise you do per day. All this must be considered in your nutritional audit. Still, you may be quite surprised how easy it is to eat right, and supplement your diet with the proper vitamin supplements.

Some folks supplement their diet with a protein shake, a food bar, vitamins, or fortified foods with all the proper ingredients. These are all very good strategies. But first, you must realize that what you are eating both the good and the bad need to be accounted for, and you can’t cheat while doing your nutritional audit. Yes, you will probably need to make some changes, and figure out the proper supplements you should be taking, but all this can be done with a little bit of work on your part.

Luckily, there are also many companies which specialize in fortified foods and supplemental vitamins that are well aware of the deficiency in the average American diet. They have created products to help you through these challenges. It’s not that you are a bad person for not eating right, it may very well be an availability problem. You see, not everything is readily available that we should be eating, and there are also seasonal issues with the types of produce that are available.

Here’s what I’d like you do; I’d like you to write down everything they you eat for one whole week. Yes, everything, you can’t skip anything, if you have a snack, or a second or third glass of wine, or you eat something that you probably shouldn’t. Or if you finish a half a gallon of ice cream one evening, you must write that down. Next, you need to add up all the calories, and consider all the ingredients in those products. You may be surprised how healthy you are eating, and thus, you only need a few supplements to fix the problem.

Then it’s just a matter of cutting down on some of the junk food, and taking it all in moderation. Indeed, it is my sincere hope that you will take this seriously, and start your nutritional audit this week, and then go about choosing the best supplemental program you can find. Please consider all this and think on it.

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