Ear Ringing Treatment – What Really Works?

Looking for an ear ringing treatment is a no-easy task. Tinnitus or ear ringing is a puzzling condition. It is untraceable and sometimes borders on the psychological aspect of a person.

If you think that task is difficult enough, wait until you really get to experience the condition yourself. Just imagine yourself hearing an annoying sound that nobody else can hear. You go about your day being nagged by something invisible. It’s not a question anymore that it has a significant effect on your social life. In fact, you may not perform well at your work. Moreover, the sound is always there, and it will bother you whenever there is silence. It may then affect your sleeping habits. This is why a lot of people still thrive to find a remedy no mater how hard it is.

Ear Ringing Treatment for Detectable Tinnitus

As previously mentioned, it is very hard for doctors to trace the sound you are hearing. However, if what you hear is a clicking or cracking sound, luck may be on your side. This condition is known as objective tinnitus because the noise can be detected.

Treatment for objective tinnitus is oftentimes surgery to correct the blood flow or muscle that causes the noise. The scary part is that those who suffer from objective tinnitus tend to be more prone to experience aneurism.

Treatments When the Condition Is Subjective

The story will be different for subjective tinnitus. An ear ringing treatment for this variety is extremely vague, because it is harder to determine which part of the ear is causing it.

Most of the time, the problem may be related to an incident involving explosion or long-term exposure to noises, such as when you live close to airports. Certain drugs like aspirin have been known to cause damage to the ears as well, increasing the chances of tinnitus. There is even a possibility that the noise is merely a creation of the mind, and there is no problem with your ears or other organs at all.

Maskers and Drugs

You may start your treatment with maskers. They work by overwhelming the sound you are hearing. You would also substitute the ringing sound with more pleasurable and known tones, such as those that denote nature. You can do this when the ringing prevents you from sleeping soundly or reading properly. The only downside is that you may not be able to use this technique if your line of work is in relation to communication. Otherwise, you won’t be able to hear what the other person is talking about.

There are also some medications that have been proven to be effective in treating ear ringing. Such drugs include Atorvastatin, Eperisone, and Flunarizine. Unfortunately, the last two are not sold in the United States. These drugs must also be taken with proper consent from your doctors as their side effects have not been properly documented.

Other Treatments

There is always an option for surgery, but the cause must be properly verified like a fistula between the middle ear and the inner ear. Tumors can also cause ear ringing; hopefully, their removal should ease out the condition. Finally, you must consider following a healthy lifestyle devoid of coffee and salt. It is also good to avoid stress and noisy places.

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